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Welcome and thanks for stopping by!  First off, my name is Kã (pronounced like Kay) Riley.  My new site is under construction with new features being added regularly, so please be patient and check back often.  Why don't you  now, while you're thinking about it!  You may be asking why this domain is "ThePegasus.com" and why this site is called "Ka's Kastle."  The reasons date back to my early childhood, growing up in Dallas.  I have written a poem explaining it:

  The Old Mobil PegasusShe sat scrunched as small as possible
Silently staring out the window
While the car sped over the railroad tracks
Into the darkness of the summer night.
She saw how the city lights reflected rainbows
On to the cool glass of the windshield.
And poised high above the other buildings
In the distance was the Red Neon Winged horse
Which captured her heart and soul each time
She longingly looked in its direction.
But she knew her destination lay over the river
And into that small new house where she shared
The cold front bedroom with the crying baby boy.
The tiny dark haired girl learned to pretend sleep
Until the squalling infant hushed for a time.
She knew she must quietly stay in bed
While her parents watched TV or talked until
Late into the bewitching hour,
But once they closed their bedroom door
Then and only then she would creep from her bed.
Sometimes dragging her blanket with her to
The large window between the beds.
There was a streetlight that shone softly
Through the sheer crisp cotton curtains
Surrounding her in a surreal glow,
Allowing her fantasies to run rampant
During the deep desperation of the moment.
She would close her eyes and see that Red Winged Horse
Imprinted on her tiny eyelids;
Pegasus had already filled her heart with dreams
Through those lonely loveless miles
Bumping over the railroad tracks
Zooming past the city lights
And holding her breath as they
Crossed the bridge over the pungent putrid river.
She imagined somehow scaling Magnolia Tower -
She'd offer a lump or two of sugar to Pegasus
Who became a living breathing magical creature
In this mystical secret realm of hers.
He'd bend his majestic self allowing her
To sit upon his back, hidden between his wings.
He would stretch his mighty wings
Flying her away to a glimmering castle
Nestled in the billowing clouds,
Where loving arms would protect her
From that terminally dismal drive into unhappiness.

©Ka Riley, 2001

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